Amorim Soul Mate The Whistler x 2 Cereal Bowls Pearl

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Amorim are the world's largest producer of Cork and Cork materials. They are renowned for pushing boundaries and creating stunning Cork products for the home through to the space race and everything in between! And don't forget Cork is considered one of world's most environmentally friendly materials - the material of the future!
The Whistler Set of 2 Cereal Bowls in Pearl from the Amorim Soul Mate collection have been designed by Raquel Castro. "The Whistler" is the biggest and one of the oldest cork oak trees of the world and it is located in the Portuguese region of Alentejo. This special tree now gives name to this product range: a tea set in which cork embraces earthenware just like it embrace the wood in the cork oak tree. The shapes of this range are inspired by the traditional pottery of Alentejo.

Cork is nature's own high-tech yet sustainable achievement. Down to its very cell structure, the unique composition and characteristics of cork simply cannot be replicated by anything man-made. Extracted from the bark of the Cork Oak, a native specimen of the western Mediterranean Basin, cork is a state-of-the-art raw material, requiring minimum transformation or processing before use.

Reusable and completely bio-gradable, it is one of the most versatile and sustainable materials in the world - environmentally, socially and economically it is without doubt the material of the future. Impermeable to liquids and gases; elastic, compressible, durable, highly resistant yet light and buoyant with low thermal conductivity making it a great insulator, cork's potential as a leading material for the 21st century is only now being fully appreciated and realised.

Spearheading this drive for innovation is the Portuguese company Amorim, the world leader in the cork industry. In addition to high-performance applications for the aeronautical, construction and wine-producing industries Amorim is now looking to put cork centre stage into the everyday. Under this initiative Amorim has launched three key collections: Korko Selection, Soul Mate and Materia.

Amorim is a key leader in sustainable development, in addition to processing a 100% natural and recyclable product, by harvesting cork bark without cutting down the trees, Amorim actively contributes to the preservation and viability of cork oak forests, both in Portugal and abroad. Amorim Cork the way of the future.
Amorim Cork
Raquel Castro
Ø 13 x 7 cm
Cork and Ceramic

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