Bahne Ecooking Starter/Travel Kit (UK&EU only)

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This luxury Ecooking Starter/Travel Kit contains everything you need to keep your skin perfect on the go!

The Set includes the following, packaged in a chic minimalist Scandi style:

  • Cleansing Gel, 50ml, ideal for removing make-up, dirt and excess oil from your skin.
  • Face Mist, 50ml, a skin tonic with Vitamin E that moisturises and nourishes the skin.
  • Day Cream, 15ml, a face cream that moisturises and reduces fine lines.
  • Night Cream, 50ml, a face cream that smoothens and reduces fine lines.
  • Multibalm, 15ml, an extremely moisturizing balm ideal for damaged and dry skin, as well as treating burns, insect bites and cold sores.
  • Multi Oil, 10ml, a multi-purpose miracle oil for use on your body, face and hair. It can also be used as a make-up remover.
  • Serum capsules, a selection of firming serum, Vitamin A and Vitamin E serum in small capsules.
  • One pack of 10 Wet Wipes enriched with Aloe Vera extract for a cooling and refreshing effect.

It is packaged in a practical transparent zip bag that complies with TSA and airline regulations.

'Cooked' up in Danish founder Tina Sogaard's kitchen, it contains a host of 100% organic natural oils and plant extracts. See PDF for a list of the full ingredients.

Store at room temperature.

Ecooking is a Danish skincare brand with a series of skin, hair and body care products made from pure organic natural ingredients developed and produced in Denmark. Ecooking started at the home of founder Tina Sogaard, who after several years of trying to find skincare products to give her skin back it's glow and vitality, decided to create her own. With years of experience within the beauty industry, she decided to start creating her own skin creams, oils and serums all from natural raw ingredients. The results were so noticeable that all of her family and friends were desperate to get their hands on her homemade concoctions. As Tina perfected her formulas, Ecooking was born.

The name Ecooking came from combining ‘eco’ with refers to the organic and ecological ideals of the brand, and 'cooking' which refers to the fact that all the products were developed at home in the kitchen and some are so pure that they are in fact edible! The end result is a beauty brand that epitomises chic, with a collection of 100% natural and organic skincare products, packaged in a minimalist Scandi style design, that can help eliminate everything from fine lines, dry skin, wounds and acne to making your skin glow.

Containing 100% pure organic natural oils, lots of antioxidants and 100% essential oils and extracts, Ecooking practices a clean conscience approach to it's skincare products, with all labels showing precisely what the products contain. All of Ecookings products are 100% vegan and contain no parabens or artificial dyes, and they are not tested on animals.

Made from 100% organic and natural ingredients. Packaged in a clear plastic zip bag.
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