Blue D1653 Plate Discus! Friendship

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Handmade ceramic Friendship Discus! Plate from Blue D1653.

Text on the plate reads: It's precisely the Reverse! It's not about What Somebody has to d¢ to become My Friend; it's about What he may Refrain from doing. Friendship is not like a Newspaper you Cancel because you don't like What they've Written one day. You're only My Friend if I know your dark Side and want you in My Life anyway. Up until that point we are Acquaintances".

Discus! from Blue D1653 is a series of ceramic plates with different handwritten statements; of various topics. The idea behind the creation of Discus was to inspire interesting and different conservations at the dinner table instead of the usual discussion about work; politics or children.

The statements on the plates are provocative enough to inspire conservation on subjects ranging from friendship; to women and men; to chance.

The Discus plates are available in four thought-provoking versions. Design and calligraphy by Nicole van Schouwenburg.
Ø 31 cm

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