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Bosign Suction Dish Cloth Holder Plastic Lime

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Bosign's Lime Green Plastic Dish Cloth Holder is a functional and stylish holder for your kitchen dishcloth.

The holder is designed with a moveable arm that you hang your cloth over and is easily fastened to the inside of the sink thanks to a strong suction cup. Hang your cloth over the arm and push it against the sink wall, enabling discreet and hygienic storage of your dishcloth.

By storing the cloth on a holder rather than letting it lie in the sink or on the worktop, you avoid the risk of collecting bacteria in the cloth, plus the development of any bad odours. The cloth holder can be fixed to any smooth surface such as metal, tile, plastic or glass. The suction cup will not adhere to textured or porous tiles. The holder itself can easily be moved when you clean or as needed.

The Dish Cloth Holder is available in either polished chrome or white, grey or lime plastic.

Please note that while suction pad fixings avoid the need to drill holes or mess with glue or sticky pads, it is not a permanent method of fixing. When applying a suction item for the first time please ensure all surfaces are clean and shiny, flat with no curvature and solid with no pinholes or cracks. Press each suction pad onto the surface as firmly as you can ensuring that all front facing areas of the pad are smoothed onto the surface with no visible air bubbles or gaps. If the suction pad has a tightening knob then press turn this in the correct direction whilst continuing to push the suction pad onto the surface. Once fixed please gently tug to ensure the item is secure and the suction pads have taken.

Occasionally suction pads may not take to a surface, if this happens then please re-position the item and try again. Sometimes it is not possible to see that the surface is damaged, porous, or slightly rough. We also recommend the removal, cleaning and re-applying of suction products every 3-6 months depending on their location.

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