Bosign Hideaway Cable Organiser Medium White & Dark Wood

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A brother and sister team from Sweden creating thoughtfully designed products that combine modern Scandinavian styling with lasting functionality and some unexpected twists.

Bosign's Hideaway Cable Organiser is designed to hide all cables and cords for your electronic devices in a tidy way. The power supply cable runs from the underside of the box, while the cable that connects to your mobile phone, tablet or other gadget runs through a hole in the lid. Phones, iPods and other gadgets that need charging rest securely in the scooped-out lid and can easily be connected and disconnected.

While the base of Hideaway becomes a storage box for all cables, the top acts as a basin or tray for storing smaller electronic devices. Depending on where you position your Hideaway, the top can also be used as a storage tray for your keys, wallet and other small items. Using Hideaway is a great way to neatly avoid cable tangles and have a central location for storing your chargers, plus it makes cleaning around cables easier.

Hideaway is made of plastic and silicone, with a white base and a natural wood effect lid. The materials used are fireproof, plus the bottom of the box has ventilation holes. The base of Hideaway has silicone feet for stability and to prevent scratches on the floor or furniture, while the top of the lid has a thin layer of soft rubber-like plastic to ensure items placed on the lid are stable and do not easily slide off. There are small heels that snap in place when you close the lid, so that protruding cables are kept inside and the lid is securely closed. The lid can easily be removed again by gripping and pulling on the small hole.

Hideaway is available in a choice of three sizes, which are intended to work with the most common adaptor plug sockets. Hideaway Medium is a slightly larger model that has a dimension of H13.8 x W30 x D18 cm and is best positioned on the floor, a side table or on a shelf. The box can hold a multi-adaptor with a maximum length of 9.2 inches or 23 cm. As well as the original white and grey colour combination, the medium sized Hideaway is also available with a wood effect lid in a choice of two shades, light or dark.

Hideaway Cable Organiser was awarded the Global Innovation Award (GIA) in Chicago 2012 for the 'best product design' category at the 2012 International Home and Housewares Show. The Global Innovation Award is the leading housewares industry awards program.

Jonathan Maltz
L30 x H14 x D18cm
Plastic - PP, ABS & Silicone
Weight :
Care Instructions:
Wash clean with warm soapy water
Manufacturer Guarantee:
1 Year
Tips for Use:
Use in an accessible place so you can easily reach to charge phones etc
Great For:
Storing & hiding all types and sizes of cables with space to charge items

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