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Created by Ella the brand LEAFOLOGY comes from her vested interest in beauty that is completely pure, plant sourced and full of natural abundance.

Ella knows she feels at her best when using only the purest products she can find; the clever, natural, there-all-along ingredients available to us through digging around a bit in mother nature.

As part of a wider interest in health, nutrition, nature and the earth Ella has had a lot of fun personally creating her own signature recipes and scents, studying and researching the benefits and health-promoting aspects of natural herbs and plants.

This has been a very personal endeavour and all the products she sells are ones which she has made lovingly for her own benefit and whim. Alongside herself, her friends and family remain her most important guinea pigs, and the products have been fine-tuned along the way and now Ella just could not imagine going back to mainstream products laden with mysterious chemicals.

Natural botanicals are potent and powerful, after all they are the source of both ancient and modern medicine.

Ellas life has taught her a lot about body confidence, but she truly believes everyone is beautiful and that it is our job to recognise beauty all around us, letting it bloom without covering it up with unpronouncable ingredients and questionable chemicals, concocted purely for profit and over-packaged without thought or awareness. She started selling her own products after realising that others, too, value this positive, alternative approach and love treating their skin to simple but beautiful creations that can heal, soothe and nurture their skin and body as though it were food, remember we absorb into our bloodstream much of what we put on our skin; so the food analogy is a good one! Showing our bodies that we care about them, and seeing beauty in others as well as ourselves; this is what beauty is. Plus a bit of natural-goodness and creative know-how…

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