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Don't recycle re-use! That's even better for our world!

Of course Pappelina rugs can be recycled but why not just re-use them? For example when replacing your old Pappelina kitchen rug wirh a new colour why not put the old one outside on the patio or use as a picnic rug? Pappelina rugs properly cared for will last a lifetime and beyond so let's not think recycling let's think reusing!

Founded in 1999 by Lina Rickardsson Pappelina weave their beautiful yet functional plastic rugs in the small Swedish town of Leksand, Dalarna. Now known around the world Pappelina has created a brand name for quality and pride; their exclusive rugs are created to last a lifetime and are manufactured from the best materials using the best practices with total focus on protecting the environment. To see the amazing production process simply click HERE

Seeing is believing... watch the genuine video of a Pappelina rug being jetwashed clean HERE

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