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First produced in Sweden during the 1950's the Perstorp 1950 Original has now become a design classic, an icon, and beacon, of shoulder bags around the world, often copied but never surpassed let alone equalled! The Original is now joined by the Sweden and the Bicycle Bag offering a complete collection in 2 sizes, numerous stunning colourways and unique leather handle options. All bags are made from eco-friendly materials and are fully recyclable but then again as they will last a lifetime with good care they should never need recycling in the first place!

All of Perstorp's Bag are now made from Bioplastic which is created from plant based materials. This means Perstorp Bags contain no Oil nor Toxins whatsoever. They are fully Bio-Degradable, Extremely Durable, BPA & Melamine Free, Free from Softening Agents and 100% Recyclable. They are good for you and good for our planet - A truly Eco-Friendly Re-Usable Bag For Life!