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Spring of Copenhagen Danish Decorative Table Flag in Oak

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Spring of Copenhagen Danish Decorative Table Flag in Oak

The Table Flag by the hands of Thor Høy is a flag suitable for birthdays but can, of course, be used for any significant occasion that needs celebration. It could be when a new member is added to the family, when you have accepted a job offer or when you are proposing.

You see, as a special little detail, The Table Flag is equipped with a small tray. It is perfect for a ring – or you can fill it with candy, toffees or something else. The small tray makes The Table Flag obvious when somebody needs a surprise or when an employee in the company has a birthday.

Like many other, Thor Høy has found inspiration from the iconic table flag for birthdays designed by the Danish designer Piet Hein. However, Thor thought there was a lack of a flag with some extra functionality. Therefore he added another dimension: the tumbler effect.

The tumbler effect is due to the rounded bottom of the flag. The tumbler effect creates motion and makes the flag look like it sways in the wind. It adds some extra life to the flag, that would otherwise just hang down. The flag is stuck to the flagpole but can easily be detached by lifting the small, elegant stud on the top of The Table Flag.

Use The Table Flag as an extra cosy addition to the days that REALLY needs to be celebrated.
Care Instructions:
Wipe clean with a soft damp cloth
Country of Origin:
Thor Hey
Gift Box:
Great For:
Giving as a unique and special gift for all occasions.
Manufacturer Guarantee:
2 Years
Made from sustainable woods - Oak
Weight :
145 grams

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