Elephant Parade Lily Pepper 75cm Limited Edition

All 75cm sizes are individually hand painted to order at the Chiang Mai factory and not held in stock. Delivery of these special and unique models can take 4-6 weeks but the wait is worth it! Order here and we will confirm the best delivery date within 24-48 hours.
Elephants are endangered and in 30 years could be extinct. Every Elephant Parade item sold raises money to help Elephants. So let's start saving Elephants - today!

We are the largest official UK Elephant Parade stockist so you can buy safely knowing our EP replicas are the genuine article. We are happy to ship these beautiful Elephant Parade models world wide, see country costs at checkout. Remember EP replicas make great personal, wedding and corporate gifts with a positive message and you can design your own for only 20 pieces up. Contact us for details.

Elephant Parade Lily Pepper 75cm Limited Edition

The Lily Pepper Elephant was designed by Karen Hollis for the UK National 2014 Parade. Karen Hollis is an artist who specialises in floral paintings. Her elephant Lily Pepper is covered in a mass of Oriental Lilies as they symbolise beauty and serenity. However if you look closely, at the heart of each flower is a chilli pepper stamen, which represent the dangers of life because of their fiery nature. Signifying the life of an Asian Elephant, calmly travelling the country but often facing hidden dangers.

An original Elephant Parade replica is something really special to give and to own. Each elephant is hand-painted by talented artists, part of an exclusive limited edition series and each one sold donates to charities in aid of elephant conservation. Each elephant comes packaged in a smart black gift box, with a hologram of authenticity and a certificate listing the artist, series, production number, year and parade city.

Please note that due to the hand-painted nature of the replica elephants there will always be minor variability between two identical products. The elephant replica pictures shown online are of the 20 cm models, some variations in detail are possible based on the complexity of the design and the size chosen.

Elephant Parade is a social enterprise and runs the world's largest art exhibition of decorated elephant statues to raise awareness and funds for elephant conservation, as without our help experts predict the endangered Asian Elephant could become extinct within the next 30 years. Be part of it, and help save the elephants with Elephant Parade.

To read more about Elephant Parade and the elephant who inspired the movement, please see our Brand Stories under the About Us section at the bottom of the page.
Abstract & Patterns
Elephant Parade
Karen Hollis
Country of Origin:
H75 x L82 x W40cm
Weight :
Handpainted by Master Craftsmen & Women
Care Instructions:
Always ensure you keep the original packaging intact and in good condition, these are collectible items that should, though we can't guarantee, increase in value!
Washing Instructions:
Gently wipe clean with a very soft slighty damp cloth, do not immerse in water. Do not use detergents nor abrasives.
Certification :
All 10,15,20,30 & 75cm Handpainted limited edition Elephant Parade models come with an original written certificate of authenticity which includes its unique production number within the limited batch.
Great For:
The 30 & 75cm sizes make fantastic feature pieces indoors or out, at home or at work.
Tips for Use:
If used outdoors we recommend an extra coat of clear exterior varnish and keeping out of direct sunlight and protecting from frost. Contact us for more info.

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