FeelGreen GYO BioDegradable EcoCube Violet Seeds

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The Feel Green Violet Ecocube is a stylish and eco-friendly way of giving the gift of a flower to a friend or loved one - or even to yourself!

Made of high quality alder wood originating from Austria, each Ecocube is packed with a special organic fertiliser and seeds (many of the seeds are also organic).

When you're ready to bring your Ecocube to life, simply peel off the outer sticker, water sufficiently and position it in a warm and sunny location. An EcoCube has a shelf life of approximately two years, so you don't have to start the process straightaway.

After just a few days your Ecocube will come to life and you'll see small green seedlings germinating. With a little bit of love, flowers, herbs, and even trees will flourish.

After a couple of months growth you will need to re-pot your plant. It's very easy to do, place the complete cube inside a plant pot and cover with soil (or bury it in the ground outside if you prefer). The cube itself is made of 100% biodegradable material so in time it will become valuable fertiliser for your plant.

A small Austrian brand, Feel Green specialise in innovative "green" growing gifts. The full range of Ecocubes includes a variety of flowers, herbs and tropical and mountain plants.

Feel Green
Alder Wood, Fertiliser and Seeds
7.5 x 7.5 x 7.5 cm

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