Italesse Wormwood Cocktail Glass - Our Gift Selection of 4 Types

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The Wormwood collection on homeArama includes four glass designs especially created for the world of grand cocktail bars and cocktail tasting, the Astoria, Alto Ball, Presidente and Rock Gobbler. All of the glasses create exceptional impact and evoke the atmosphere of the 1920's.

Our Gift Set comprises one of each of the 4 styles:

Italesse's Wormwood Astoria has a unique style for a cocktail glass classic, it's designed to evoke the Belle Epoque. The Astoria draws inspiration from the past whilst retaining decidedly modern qualities, intentionally designed for the service of any straight up drink.

Italesse's Wormwood Presidente is an eclectic glass that expresses grace and elegance, ideal for serving classic cocktails such as El Presidente. Its characteristic form draws on the Champagne coupe rendering it ideal for sparkling wine; its modern interpretation, the Presidente, is perfect for Sours.

Italesse's Wormwood Rock Gobbler has been designed to optimise tasting of drinks on the rocks. The short stem allows for the drink to be maintained at a constant temperature. This robust glass presents a sophisticated, vintage design.

Italesse's Wormwood Alto-Ball is a glass that cannot fail to capture our attention, highly technical and versatile. The height of the bowl and its volume have been designed to serve grand classics such as the Gin & Tonic, whilst its short stem on the other hand guarantees optimum temperature. The Alto-Ball is a sturdy glass that lends itself to serving craft beers and is ideal for presenting water at the table with elegance and style.

The Wormwood Collection is the result of a creative collaboration between one of the most distinguished opinion leaders of the cocktail world, Giancarlo Mancino, and renowned designer Luca Trazzi. Together they have ingeniously combined an intricate aesthetic with a design that elevates mixed drink creations.
Luca Trazzi / Giancarlo Mancino
Country of Origin:
Crystalline Glass
Astoria Glass H146xDia89mm 130ml | Presidente Glass H138xDia89mm 135ml | Rock Gobbler Glass H122xDia78mm 230ml | Alto Ball Glass H148xDia78mm 310ml
From 130ml to 310ml
Microwave Safe:
Dishwasher Safe:
Freezer Safe:
Great For:
Any cocktail you can mention!

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