Jalo Superior White Fire Blanket with Moomin Spring Pouch

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A home safety range that meets and exceeds the highest techncial specitfications yet remains stylish and beautiful! In a dangerous world protect yourself safely with these highly functional products from Finland.

Please note the Smoke Alarms and Fire Extinguishers can only be shipped within the UK & EU - we cannot ship to the USA or elsewhere, sorry.

The new Fire Blankets from Jalo extinguishes fire better than before!

The Moomin Spring Fire Blanket from Jalo has been designed by Tove Jansson, a Finnish novelist, cartoonist and illustrator, known worldwide for her Moomin characters. These warm-hearted Moomin characters now continue their story on this striking Fire Blanket, that will add a decorative touch to any room, as well as being an important fire safety measure.

Jalo's Fire Blankets have been designed to deal with small domestic fires, such as grease fires. However they can also be used for smothering burning clothing and for personal protection when escaping a burning building.

Jalo Fire Blanket casings are made from Tyvek and the fire blankets themselves are made from acrylic coated glass fibre, with the new acrylic coated material proven to be more effective at extinguishing fires than ordinary glass fibre, as it is more airtight. As well as being more effective, Jalo Fire Blankets are also 40% lighter than ordinary fire blankets.

Jalo Fire Blankets are easy and fast to install in your home. They can be easily secured to your wall using 3M adhesive tape, which is supplied with the product. Mounting screws are also supplied with the Fire Blankets if you would prefer to screw the Fire Blanket to the wall with the use of a hanger, which is also included.

To use the fire blanket, simply pull the two black handles hanging down to release the fire blanket from it's case. Keep the fire blanket in front of you by holding the black handles when approaching the object that is on fire. Cover the burning object completely with the blanket and leave covered until it has cooled. All of Jalo's Fire Blankets comply with the European standard for fire blankets en 1869:1997. You should inspect the quality of the blanket annually and discard if damaged and after use.

The size of the blanket casing is 33.5 x 18.4 x 4 cm, whilst the size of the blanket itself is 120 x 180 cm. And the blanket and the blanket casing together weight 625g. Please note that the fire blanket itself is a plain white colour and the patterned designed is only limited to the fire blanket case.


  • Made from acrylic coated glass fibre making it more effective at exguishing fires
  • 40% lighter than ordinary fire blankets
  • Ideal for dealing with small domestic fires, such as grease fires
  • Suitable for personal protection when escaping a burning building
  • Easy and quick installation
  • Easy to use
  • Striking design to compliment your interiors
  • Ideal for use in any room of your home
  • Available in a range of stylish designs

Technical data

  • Fire Blanket - Made from acrylic coated glass fibre
  • Fire Blanket Casing - Made from Tyvek
  • Weight - 625 g
  • Dimensions of the Fire Blanket - 120 x 180 cm
  • Complies with the European standard for fire blankets en 1869:1997
  • Mounting screws and hanger included
  • 3M adhesive tape included
  • Installation - easy, quick and reliable installation, two methods: tape and screw

Jalo Helsinki is a Finnish company designed to save lives and show you safety can be beautiful! Their aim is to make life safer through design, by creating beautiful and reliable fire safety products that people want to include on display in their home and that will save lives. According to statistics, there will be a life saved for every 10,000 smoke alarms sold, that means that Jalo Smoke Alarms have already saved dozens and dozens of lives. Their award winning and inspirational design is a unique combination of Scandinavian design and Nordic practicality. All of Jalo Helsinki products are easy to install with no need for screws or power drills. Bring design and safety into your home with Jalo!
Assembly Required:
No though simple hook fixing to wall needed.
Tove Jansson
Case: Tyvek and Fire Blanket: Acrylic Coated Glass Fibre
Fire Blanket in case: 33.5 x 18.4 x 4 cm, Fire Blanket: 120 x 180 cm
Weight :
0.63 kg
Care Instructions:
Wipe cover clean with a soft damp cloth. Do not remove blanket unless required for use. Fixtures and fittings included.
Washing Instructions:
Do not wash the fire blanket. Do not re-use the Fire Blanket. One time use only.
Manufacturer Guarantee:
2 years
Certification :
All Jalo Helsinki fire blankets fully comply with the European Standard for fire blankets en 1869:1997 | Jalo Helsinki fire blankets are made from acrylic coated glass fibre proven to be more effective than ordinary glass fibre | Our acrylic coating makes
Great For:
Personal protection when escaping from a burning building, more effective and protective than standard blankets.
Tips for Use:
The safest way to extinguish chip fat fires and other cooking led flames.

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