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Spice Kitchen African Middle Eastern Spice Tin Containing 9 Individually Packed Spices & Silk Sari Gift Packed

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There are 5 amazing spice selections in the range


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Spice Kitchen African Middle Eastern Spice Tin Containing 9 Individually Packed Spices & Silk Gift Packed

We are truly sorry but this item can only be delivered to Mainland UK, we apologise for any disappointment or inconvenience caused.

All blends are freshly made in small batches then stored in resealable packets reducing exposure to air ensuring more freshness and flavour when you come to use them.

The African & Middle Eastern Spice Tin is a 19cm stainless steel storage tin complete with 9 different high-quality spices and spice blends each presented in a resealable packet. There are 7 removable stainless steel tins and a stainless steel metal spoon is included to ensure accurate measures. The African and Middle Eastern Spice Tin offers you the chance to create the most amazing and flavoursome stews and meat dishes from that part of the world, truly authentic!

Truly authentic flavours from an inspirational area of the world in the hallmark of our African and Middle Eastern Spice Tin and every tin comes with a free recipe guide showing you how to make the most of your spices and introducing you to a beautiful range of Spice Kitchen family favourites.

Each tin is gift wrapped in a beautiful handmade silk sari style wrap (colour variable) to ensure you have the perfect gift to give or simply to enjoy yourself!

Special Features...

  • All the spices are selected and mixed the old-fashioned way.
  • Lovingly packaged all blends individually packed in sealed bags retaining goodness and freshness.
  • Superior flavour as all the spices are completely free from artificial flavouring and preservatives.
  • Only the highest quality spices are personally sourced from all over the world guaranteeing even a single pinch of a spice pack holds a punch to tantalise the taste-buds.
  • Winner of Great Taste Awards and BBC Good Food Show awards.
  • A must-have for any foodie with a passion for cooking and who love the taste of natural spices and flavours.
  • All tins have a glass window so you can clearly see contents at all times
  • Vegetarian and allergy free

Tin Spice Contents...

  • Fenugreek - With hints of toasted maple, this adds both sweet and delicately bitter notes to stews and curries. Common throughout kitchens of the Middle East and North Africa (20g)
  • Baharat - A rich, earthy Middle Eastern Spice mix combining allspice, black peppercorns, cardamon, cassia, cloves, coriander, cumin, nutmeg and paprika. Great to rub into meat as a marinade, especially lamb and chicken (20g)
  • Berbere - One of the building blocks of Ethiopian Cuisine, combining dried red chilli, garlic, ginger, basil, cumin, nigella, caraway and fenugreek. Gives an amazing kick to stews and as a meat rub (20g)
  • Ras el Hanout - A deep, warming spice mix used throughout North Africa, combining cumin, coriander, cinnamon, ginger, black pepper, turmeric and cardamon. Perfect to give depth to tagines (20g)
  • Sumac - A beautifully tangy, vibrant spice with amazingly fresh citrus notes. Very versatile, can be used to garnish salads, hummus, or as a rub for meat and works brilliantly with fish (20g)
  • Zaatar - The King of Middle Eastern spice mixes. A fragrant combination of oregano, marjarom, sumac, salt and sesame seeds (20g)
  • Harissa - A fiery North African chilli mix with dried red chilli, garlic, coriander, paprika and caraway. Great mixed with olive oil to make dressings for salads and cous cous or as a marinade for meat (20g)
  • Pul Biber/Aleppo Pepper - Grown in Syria and Turkey, these dried chilli flakes add a hint of cherry like fruitiness to dressings and marinades. Mild heat, slight saltiness (20g)
  • Urfa Biber - A dried Turkish pepper with a deep raisin, smoky flavour. Fantastic to rub into lamb or sprinkle over hummus (20g)
Spice Kitchen UK
Country of Origin:
United Kingdom
Sanjay & Shashi Aggarwal
Dia190 x H70 mm
Gift Box:
Various spices - see product page
Product Weight:
Product Weight Boxed:
820 Grams

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