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Pappelina Woven Kitchen Tea Towel Vera Pale Turq 46x66cm

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The Tea Towel comes in Fia, Jonte, Otis, Rex & Vera in a range of colours. Free UK Mainland Delivery on all order over £40
Pappelina's stylish jacquard woven Vera pale turquoise kitchen towel is made of the highest quality mix of cotton and linen. These towels, which match well with all the other products within the collection, are soft and smooth, absorb well and are quick drying. Each strand is woven singly and tightly ensuring that the towels hang and drape beautifully when not in use. Available in a range of natural and earthen colourways, we promise these stylish and minimalist towel designs will quickly become a favourite in your kitchen!Pappelina - A Swedish family run company renowned for quality, detail, integrity, professionalism and humanity.
Lina Rickardsson
Country of Origin:
50% Purest Sustainable Cotton & 50% Purest Sutstainable Linen
46 x 66 cm
Weight :
0.1 kgs
Food Safe:
Washing Instructions:
Towels can be machine washed at 60°C/140F in plenty of water on a gentle cycle. Do not spin or tumble dry the towels. Avoid softeners and bleach. Reshape and iron whilst damp. Expect shrinkage of around 5%
Great For:
High water absorbency to make drying quicker and easier.

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