Rode of Denmark Unique Designer Toilet Brush Cleaner Wall Mount Fixing Set Only

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The Wall Fixing Kit enables you to easily mount the Cleaner to any wall, either by permanent sticky pads or screws, both included, so that cleaning around it is made so much easier and quicker. The Cleaner itself simply slides in and out of the bracket. Great for hotels, restaurants, bars and other public places as germs are reduced and cleaning made quick and easy.

From Rode of Denmark comes their unique ultra-hygienic toilet cleaner to replace your germ ridden toilet brush! No more dirty bristles with the germs they hide and hold onto!The head of this exclusive ultra-hygienic toilet cleaner is made of the highest grade silicone with a ribbed surface. The shape and softness of the surface ribbing has been specially designed to scrub and clean even the most inaccessible surfaces of the toilet bowl. A quick rinse after use is all that’s needed to keep it clean as the design and the material of the silicone head prevents stains that cause the build-up of bacteria. Whilst it is of course a toilet brush we prefer to call it a Toilet Cleaner; it has the same function as a standard toilet brush but is smarter, better, tougher and much, much more hygienic…in fact simply the best around!



Special Features...

  • Cleans the most inaccessible areas
  • Stops the build up of stains
  • Keeps bacteria at bay
  • Easy clean head
  • No bristles to hold germs
  • Ergonomic design
  • Ultra Hygienic
  • Stylish & functional design
  • Can be used in domestic or commercial settings
Assembly Required:
Yes simple wall fixing by adhesive pad or screws
Rode Bath
Stainless Steel
Weight :
Manufacturer Guarantee:
1 Year

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