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Our Story

Mike and Caroline created the company in 2006. Our name came from combining “home” with “panorama” to form “homeArama” implying a wide range of product for, you guessed it, the home!

Since its inception our company has grown to represent many other great brands from all parts of the globe, some small, some large but all with a common offer something different, something that adds value to your home, your life, your day, something in fact that you will be proud to own.

Our collections are certainly wide in their variety, use and style but are all linked in terms of quality, design, functionality, durability, offering the best of their type. What, you may ask, is the connection between say GoGoHeads and Italesse Wormwood Cocktail Glasses...well the answer is simply, they are the best in their class!

To be quite open we do not claim to sell the cheapest, nor do we indulge in raising prices to simply discount them a few weeks later to offer you a "deal", from the beginning our prices are set to reflect the quality of the brand and the product whilst maintaining our strict ethos of offering you real value for money.

80% of our collection is offered on a next day basis but then not all is stocked in our UK warehouse, some we need to fetch from Denmark, from Sweden and some from the US, but those products are clearly marked as they can, at worst, take up to 6 weeks to deliver but then, as the saying goes, all good things are worth waiting for!


Alfie McLintock Prez

Mike McLintock Despot

Caroline Bown Commander in Chief

Claire Dearlove Ambassador for Customers

Sammi McLintock Customer Services Defender

Michele Dowsett Intrepid Sales Explorer

Jo Robinson Geek Stuff