Who We Are

Welcome to homeArama, a family-owned company that has been focusing on offering quality, functional, durable, sustainable, and beautiful products for around 15 years. Our goal is to bring you the best home and lifestyle products from all over the world that are not easily found elsewhere in the UK.

We understand that times can be tough, and the world is under greater pressure than ever. That is why we believe in buying well and buying once, even if our products may not always be the cheapest of their kind. We take pride in our carefully curated selection of products that will last a lifetime and beyond, making them perfect for passing down to future generations.

We believe that our grandparents and those before them were wise to expect products to perform, last long, and be repairable and fixable when necessary. At homeArama, we care about you, the products we sell, and the service we provide. We're not perfect, but we're human. If we make mistakes, we own up, we apologize, and we make things right.

Our shop is located far from the High Street in Oxfordshire's beautiful countryside, where you'll find friendly people, unique products, and a peaceful environment to browse and unwind. We are passionate about what we do, and we hope you'll take a moment to check us out and see why we are different.

Thank you for your trust in shopping with us.

The homeArama Team