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Naaais Collection

NAAAIS emerged in 2020, founded by Olav van Lede, following a personal incident where a friends home was partially damaged due to an overheated charger catching fire in the bedroom. This event motivated Olav to seek a protective fire blanket, but he couldnt find one that matched his interior's aesthetics.

Consequently, Olav, along with his partner Lousanne, embarked on a mission to design visually appealing fire blankets that are fully approved for safety without bearing the traditional 'DANGER' appearance. Their aim was to create products that seamlessly integrate with any environment, encouraging people to prioritize fire prevention.

At NAAAIS, they firmly believe that producing beautiful, high-quality products with added value should be done in an honest and sustainable manner. Every decision they make takes into account the impact they have and the contribution they can make to enhance everyday life. Their focus extends beyond personal gains to encompass the entire chain, aspiring to design for a better world.

To fulfill this commitment, NAAAIS exclusively collaborates with factories that hold BSCI, ISO 9001, and ISO 14001 certifications. This ensures that the factories meet all regulatory requirements, take care of their workers, and prioritize environmental preservation.