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Hukka Design

The most sustainable material on Planet Earth!

Hukka Design has been manufacturing products made of Carelian soapstone, a magical and majestic natural stone over 2.8 billion years old, for over 30 years and are the market leader. The factory is located in a beautiful place called Tuupovaara in north-eastern Finland. See the amazing production process by watching the video HERE

Over a 1000 years ago our ancestors used Carelian soapstone for fireplaces, cooking utensils and religious items then iron and other materials took over. Now Carelian soapstone is on a massive comeback journey led by Hukka Design. Whilst machines, designed and made by Hukka, are used the biggest secret behind their success is their amazing workforce. Almost everybody has over 20 years of experience in the company, true old school professionals, proud of their skills and capabilities and even more proud of the quality of every single Hukka product.

2.8 billion years ago earth was still at the very early stage of its evolution, nothing was living and the continental blocks were moving to their modern day positions. As these blocks collided a tall mountain range formed in an area bordering Finland and Russia. As the range rose huge air pockets were formed below which were then filled with lava due to the high volcanic activity. Under this intense heat and extremely high pressure a very special stone, Carelian soapstone, was then formed. It lay at rest under these high mountains for billions of years until, finally, the actions of the Ice Age revealed this natural wonder.

Mother Nature gave Carelian soapstone almost mythical capabilities enabling it to withstand both hot fire and freezing cold. It absorbs both heat as well as cold staying warm or cool for a long time, one of the unique natural characteristics of Hukka products. Carelian soapstone is a relatively soft, yet dense and heavy, stone material that can be crafted to various shapes and forms by experienced craftsmen. Its properties mean it does not absorb any liquids, flavours or aromas; it is inert. It is also extremely sturdy and can go from the freezer to the oven to the table easily.

Carelian soapstone has been fully tested and approved for use in preparing, using and storing all food and drink products fully complying with all Food Standards. As a 100% natural product Carelian Soapstone is fully sustainable. It is mined and machined under strict environmental conditions. As a stone it can simply be returned to nature, broken up and added to your rockery or similar. The packaging is both fully recycled and recyclable. It has an extremely low carbon footprint and requires no special treatment. It is non-toxic, vegan friendly, allergy free and easy to wash. The perfect sustainable product!

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