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Black+Blum Collection

Step into the vibrant world of Black+Blum, a design powerhouse born in 1998 that has since garnered global acclaim for its groundbreaking creations. Their designs seamlessly blend into the expanding global consciousness of health, wellness, and sustainability, making waves on an international scale. Each product is a unique masterpiece, meticulously developed in-house, earning Black+Blum a stunning collection of over 25 international design awards.

Their passion lies in crafting genuinely functional and innovative products, always aiming to surpass existing market offerings. Pioneers in the field, they introduced the first organized adult lunch box, a food thermos with a non-folding spoon, an all-stainless steel leak-proof lunch box, a lightweight leak-proof glass lunch box, and many more innovations. The trailblazing designs of Black+Blum are not just admired; they are embraced by some of the most prominent figures in the food industry, including renowned chefs, nutritionists, and clean living advocates worldwide.

The journey does not stop here – Black+Blum continues to inspire with innovative designs that motivate people to lead a vibrant, healthy, and sustainable lifestyle. Join the movement and embrace a world of positivity and creativity with Black+Blum!