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Raders designs are unique and unmistakable, showcasing handcrafted items with charming variations that result, literally, from the hands of the artisan, a truly personal detail.

The use of premium materials and delicate craftsmanship ensures outstanding quality, creating a multi-sensory experience with intricate details and textures. Rader aims to bring joy, commemorate special moments, and add sparkle to everyday life.

Their global production facilities use traditional techniques and local materials, supported by long-standing relationships with expert manufacturers, often small family-run businesses.

Sustainability is key, with products made from renewable materials and tested for toxins. They avoid plastic packaging and use emission-free delivery services. Supporting climate protection projects offsets their carbon footprint and contributes to global sustainability.

As a member of the amfori Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI), Rader ensures social responsibility throughout their supply chain, regularly auditing manufacturing sites to maintain ethical standards. Their employees, valued as their most important asset, play a crucial role in their success.