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Klue Sock Collection

In 2019, the passionate force behind the Klue brand emerged from the visionary mind of Aysen, a former fashion buyer for iconic retailers like Harvey Nichols and Galeries Lafayette. Driven by a dream to create a brand centered around daily essentials, Aysen envisions slow-fashion values, providing unmatched quality for durability, and championing organic cotton for eco-friendliness and sustainability.

A lucky encounter in Istanbul with Kevin, following the launch of Aysens first production, became a pivotal moment. Together, they decided to unite their strengths – Kevin contributing his skills in sales, visuals, and web expertise, complemented by Aysens extensive background in retail and production. Klue, derived from the word clue, embodies the essence of the brand.

For Aysen and Kevin, Klue signifies the vibrant socks that offer a glimpse into ones mood and personality – a small yet impactful clue while expressing oneself through the minimal colorful Klue touch. Bound by a shared love for minimalist, chic outfits with sharp details, superior quality, and a burst of colors, Aysen and Kevin have birthed the true Klue DNA. Together, they infuse passion into every thread, weaving a narrative that goes beyond fashion – it's a story of self-expression, individuality, and the pursuit of timeless style.