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Keltum Collection

Keltum, a cherished brand of van Kempen & Begeer, carries a legacy dating back to 1789, weaving a rich history as creators of sterling silver tableware and cutlery. The journey of Keltum took a turn in 1936 with the introduction of silver-plated items, evolving further in the 20th century to embrace stainless steel cutlery, including an endearing collection for children.

At homeArama, our quest for timeless brands aligns seamlessly with our commitment to environmental consciousness. We are excited to share Keltums childrens cutlery sets, not just as exquisite pieces but as a reflection of our shared responsibility towards the planet. Crafted with care from high-quality 18/10 stainless steel, each set is an ode to the enchanting characters from beloved childrens stories.

Packaged in vibrant, eco-friendly materials, these sets are not just gifts but tokens of love for special occasions like Christenings or birthdays. Choosing Keltum means choosing a legacy of craftsmanship, emotion, and a step towards sustainability. Let us embark on a journey where each cherished meal is served with a touch of history and a commitment to a greener, more thoughtful future.