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Handed By

Handed By Collection

Embark on a journey of compassion and creativity with Handed By, the leading brand in crafting handmade woven baskets, bags, and home accessories, all woven with love and a mission to create a better world. Its not just about products; its about weaving dreams and fostering a sense of community. All their products are ethically produced and FAIRMADE FOR YOU.

At the heart of their philosophy is a deep respect for Asian traditions and habits. Handed By proudly distance themselves from heartless manufacturing facilities and, instead, directly collaborate with incredible handcrafters, predominantly women working from the comfort of their homes. These are not just crafts; they are stories woven with passion and dedication.

Handed By provide regular work to around 300 skilled craftswomen, offering them an opportunity to contribute to their households while embracing the beauty of their traditions. Whether after the days work in the fields, during school hours of their children, or in the warm embrace of their homes, these artisans generate extra income by weaving Handed By products. It is more than just craftsmanship; it is a tapestry of empowerment, woven with love and care.

Join us in supporting these remarkable artisans and bring home not just a product but a piece of their story. Handed By: where every creation is a thread in the fabric of a better, more connected world.