Bredemeijer Teapot Xilin Cast Iron 1.25L in Red

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Bredemeijer Teapot Xilin Cast Iron 1.25L in Red

Special Features...

  • High quality cast iron body
  • Studded body decorations
  • Enameled interior
  • Handle and lid knob will never get hot
  • Excellent drip free pouring
  • Large volume capacity 1.25L
  • Includes filter
  • Matching Teacups available

    Our Xilin Cast Iron Teapot in rich red is exactly how we expect Oriental teapots to look, a beautifully flat and wide body shape, gorgeous yet plain enamel colouring and a textured surface. An exceptional model and one of our bestsellers, able to grace any tea ceremony! With a 1.25L capacity it will give you up to 8 150ml teacups of tea. (note a Mug contains around 350ml, twice or more of a Teacup!)

    There are no hard rules for sizes and Teacups can of course vary plus it depends on how you pour! As a guide an average Teacup is said to contain 150ml when filled to 1.5cm of the rim. Thus Teapots sized up to 0.6L pour 3-4 cups, up to 1L 5-6 cups, up to 1.2L 7-8 cups, up to 1.5L 9-10 cups and our largest 2.0L 12-13 cups. If in doubt check the size of your Teacup first and remember with a Mug you will get half the number of Cups!

    Why not click on DOWNLOAD INFORMATION IN PDF FORMAT to get the full info on how to make a great cup of tea!

Double Wall:
Heat Source:
Cast Iron & Enamel
L202xW235xH171 mm
Weight :
2440 grams
Microwave Safe:
Dishwasher Safe:
Freezer Safe:
Food Safe:
Manufacturer Guarantee:
2 Years

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