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Hachiman Cestino Laundry & Storage Basket Small Mustard No Lid

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Hachiman Cestino Laundry & Storage Basket Small Mustard No Lid

The Cestino handles have a neat flat design making them easy to grab and go.

The smaller baskets fit snugly into the bigger baskets and the bigger baskets can be stacked on top of each other. All have matching lid options which can be used as trays as well as converting the baskets into serving tables and more.

The extremely tough, easy wipe clean material it is produced from allows you to carry or store just about anything and a big plus when you're not using the basket is that you can easily stack multiples together saving loads of space!

Hachiman is a family owned Japanese company founded on the philosophy of providing products with a refined design with the aim of enriching peoples, your, lives. They create simple but functional, minimalist, non-wasteful and outstandingly beautiful products with a style and quality way above their run of the mill equivalents! Storage can be stylish and displayed in the open not simply basic and hidden away in a cupboard!

We need plastic but we should be choosy and lets not forget plastic can be good. All our plastic products are made to the highest standards, they are durable, long life, recyclable, pure and functional. So please lets stop thinking throwaway and start thinking lifetime use!

Special Features...

  • Tough, Thick-Walled Construction For Extra Strength
  • Sustainable Design & Production, Fully Recyclable, Non-Toxic.
  • Extremely Durable with Ultra Long Life
  • Scratch Resistant Hard Wearing Surface
  • Easy Clean & Food Safe. Can Be Washed With Bleach.
  • Strong Comfort Easy Grip Handles
  • Secure Press Fit Lid Also Used As A Serving Tray
  • Easily Stackable For Storage
  • Water, Mould & Sun UV Resistant
  • Available in 3 Sizes & Multiple Colours
  • 15 Year Life Expectancy Looked After Properly
  • 2 Year Guarantee

Perfect for...

  • Carrying Boots and Shoes On Travels
  • Laundry & Washing Basket
  • Shopping & Carry Bag
  • The Beach & Picnics
  • Table with Lid
  • Commercial Use in Your Shop as a Shopping Basket, Contact Us for Trade Discounts. Tough, Durable, Good Looking & Functional!
Allergen Free:
Bleach Safe:
Hachiman Home Japan
5.0 L
Care Instructions:
Wash clean with warm soapy water. All our great Hachiman products can be cleaned and disinfected with bleach or similar cleaning agents.
Country of Origin:
W31.5 x D19.8 x H15.0 cms
Food Safe:
Great For:
Laundry as they come in 3 sizes and are easily stackable.
Manufacturer Guarantee:
2 Years
Product Weight:
300 Grams
Product Weight Boxed:
300 Grams
Recyclable :
Yes Completely
Recycled Content:
Tips for Use:
Add a lid so that you not only keep the dust off contents but also have a simple table or serving tray.
Washing Instructions:
Hand wash with warm soapy water, rinse and then towel dry or simply leave to air dry.
At homeArama we take sustainability seriously. As a small business we are certainly not perfect but we are working our way through all our ranges to ensure they are as planet friendly and as sustainable as possible, like many we have new generations to worry about and take care of.

For all of us sustainable means many things but we feel an important factor is the life of a product. As our Grandparents taught us if we take care of things then they should last! All our products are selected with that in mind; they are built to last. They may cost a little more but once bought then they should never need to be bought again! A benefit to your pocket, but also the planet.

If you find anything you disagree with or want to know more about then, please, just ask, this is an ongoing work in progress! Call us on 01993 867075 or email [email protected] We care!

Hachimans Sustainable Development Goals

Founded in July 1965 family owned Hachiman-Kasei is located in the beautiful Japanese city of Gifu Gujo Hachiman in the Gifu-Prefecture, officially designated A Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Site. With this history and surrounding Hachiman-Kasei are well aware of their responsibility to the local community and the greater world especially when working with an environmentally sensitive material such as plastic.

Plastic is unavoidable in our daily life but, when used, it should be used with purpose, with responsibility, with environmental awareness and with long term consideration for future generations.

The Home Product Range (Balcolore, OmniOffre, OmniOutil, Cestino and TapTrash) are all made from virgin plastic with no additives nor mixes. The reason for this is durability and longevity; these products are designed to do a tough job but, in doing that, must last a lifetime. Adding recycled or even plant based material would compromise the inherent strength of the product leading to a shorter life and thus a need to dispose of or recycle the product sooner. The real sustainability here is to make a product once that will last a lifetime and beyond and that causes less damage to our planet than repeated production and recycling.

The Garden Product Range does not require the same level of strength and so are made from either wood pulp or recycled paper then, as neither natural material is strong enough on its own to last for long, virgin plastic is added to the mix to, again, create a product that will last a lifetime and beyond. Such is the success of their approach this range has been officially approved by the United Nations as fully meeting their Sustainable Development Goals, full details can be found at

Hachiman-Kasei ensure:

(1) All raw and other materials are sourced from fully approved, certified and official sites and companies

(2) All production machinery is to the latest and most efficient specification and all waste material is reused

(3) The factory is operated meeting all safety and health requirements and the workforce is well paid and treated

(4) All finished goods are produced to the highest standard and quality levels.

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