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Hi Caroline
No problem. I’m looking forward to receiving the items, and many thanks for getting back to me. Love your site.
Kind regards,
Perfect! Thank you for letting me know.
Best wishes
Thanks so much for such a speedy late night reply! I will be ordering another item. Just need to work out which one. Huge thanks for excellent service and communication in all my dealings with you.
Best wishes.
Dear Caroline,
Thank you so much for your cooperation and assistance in this. I greatly appreciate it.
Thank you so much,
Aamylah A
Dear Caroline
No need to apologise! It was very nice to be kept so informed on my order.
It arrived right on time and I am really pleased with it so thank you!
Thank so much, will buy more I'm sure
Thanks so much Caroline. Great customer service.
Have a good day,
Hi Caroline
Rugs look great, thank you
We have noted the advice on response to ketchup !
I love these buckets. We use them as laundry baskets for teenage sports kit!!!!! The buckets will eventually go to uni too !
Thank you
Hi Caroline,
That’s great!!! If it could be delivered on Friday with instructions ‘to be left in the garage by the logs’ that would be brilliant!
Thanks so much,
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