Received safely on Saturday and is just what I wanted
Many thanks
Thanks for keeping me informed, Caroline
I certainly don’t mind you using the same well travelled box!!
Thanks for your help and I look forward to receiving my mirror
Dear Caroline
I have received the rug, it's brilliant! Thanks so much. I have other Pappelina rugs, and now I know you sell them I may well be back for more!
Thanks again, have a great weekend.
Kind regards.
Hi Caroline,
Thank you so much for your response and refund of £6. I am very grateful for your good customer service and will definitely buy from you again!
Please do reach out to the manufacturer as it's definitely an odd fault.
Thank you again and have a great rest of week!
Kind regards,
Perfect, thanks so much for the quick delivery, really appreciate it.
Caroline, our pkg arrived at 3 PM Wednesday afternoon 6/19/19
WOW...…………….Can you make it quicker??????????:-) :-) :-)
Caroline and crew.....WOW.....You know somebody at UPS...……..
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