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Hi Caroline,
Oh my gosh, my friend absolutely loved the gift! Thank you for gift wrapping so beautifully and getting the delivery taken care of so swiftly!
About the Cherry Moon elephant, I am thrilled you can get it.
Best Regards,
Absolutely delighted with this product (Elephant Parade Original) and will certainly be starting a collection.
Hi Caroline
Thanks a lot for that, the foot spa arrived yesterday and I love it!
Thanks for your help
Dear Caroline -
The parcel arrived safely this morning, perfect timing, as the little lap-desk is for my husband who retired yesterday!
Now he can work in his new office on the sofa!
I love the baskets! The big one is for carrying stuff out to eat in the garden... the little one just for me!
I grew up in the 50s, and my mother would have LOVED to have been able to afford these baskets. They are beautifully designed, and feel as if they will last.
Sadly we were very poor, and the children and my dad always came first with her, so life was very drab and grey.... I don't think she ever had the benefit of such lovely bright colours, except for a new plastic washing up bowl & bucket, which were marvellous objects after heavy galvanised buckets, and so-easily-chipped enamel bowls. The poverty seemed inexorable.
I feel as if I am rectifying the situation! But I know there are still people having to live like that.
THANK-YOU so much for selling these joyous things!
I attach a photo showing that we used BOTH baskets today - lunch came down to the garden in the big pink basket, and later 2 glasses & a nice bottle for a celebration fitted perfectly in the little yellow one!
I am looking at the website AGAIN!
Kindest regards - Ruth R
Just to let you know I have received the mirror I ordered, and I am so pleased with it, it’s virtually twice the size of all the other 15x magnifying mirrors I have come across previously, plus very stylish. This is the ideal magnification for me as I have had cataract surgery which has left me with poor near vision so applying eye makeup was very difficult. This mirror will help enormously.
Dear Caroline
Just to let you know that the elephants arrived safe and sound today. A huge thank you. They are all so lovely. I have wrapped the gifts up and have been able to send them today.
My gratitude and blessings
Dear Caroline,
Many thanks for doing that and making it very easy! Your customer service has been exceptional! I would definitely recommend you to others. Thank you and Best Regards,
Good Morning Caroline
Apologies for my tardy email to say thank you.
The new soap pump is fantastic. The plastic seal is different to the original one you sent out, obviously was faulty. I am pleased it was faulty and not the design.
Thank you very much. Much appreciated for finding a solution so quickly.
Kind regards and stay safe
Dear Caroline thank you so much for your care.
The laundry basket I ordered is the one I want but obviously I do not want the lid I requested. Looking forward to receiving my items - and shopping with you again.
Best wishes, Sue
Dear Caroline,
Basket, etc arrived safely on Saturday and still in 3 days quarantine! Basket looks good and can’t wait to fix it to my bike. And put the cover on in the current rains we are experiencing.
Many thanks for applying the discount. I forgot to mention it to the person who does all our online ordering. I am a Luddite!
Would that all online sites applied the personal touch that you do. Keep it up.
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