Pappelina Viggo Small One Design Washable Durable Small Hall, Door Mat, Shower Or Bath Rug 70x90cm Mud Brown & Vanilla

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Viggo 6 sizes, 6 colours. Dont discard an old rug, give it a new life outside or pass it to one you care for. Dont contribute to the waste stream, give old rugs a new lease on life & reduce your environmental impact. Upcycle dont recycle!
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Pappelina Viggo Small One Design Washable Durable Small Hall, Door Mat, Shower Or Bath Rug 70x90cm Mud Brown & Vanilla

There is NO restocking charge applied to returns of this rug size.

Pappelinas Viggo design has a strongly coloured background with a single or series of vanilla coloured stars running down the centre. Though turn the rug over and the design is reversed with the star or stars taking on the strong colour.

Both practical and stylish, it has been hand woven from soft plastic using traditional Swedish techniques and can be used either indoors or outside.

As all Pappelina washable rugs are woven on traditional Jacquard looms please allow a plus or minus 4 percent size variation.

Every single Pappelina rug is inspected by human hand and eye before it is allowed to leave the weavery so you are assured of perfect quality.

Computer, tablet and phone screens all treat colours differently and are not a guarantee of actual rug colour. The lifestyle images we show are only intended to reflect the rug design and appearance and not the exact colourway. If in doubt please contact us for assistance and we will be happy to help. Alternatively you are always welcome to visit our Bampton showroom to see our displays and samples.


Special Features...

  • Non-Toxic, Safe, Mould Resistant, Totally Hygienic
  • Easy To Vacuum & Wash, Dirt & Dust Repellent
  • Recommended For Allergy & Hay Fever Sufferers
  • Contains No Hidden Heavy Metals Nor Dangerous Softeners
  • Soft, Non-Slip, Comfortable, Springy And Warm Underfoot
  • Wear Resistant, Durable, Non-Fray And Non-Abradable
  • Excellent Weather, Sun, Salt And UV Resistance
  • Fresh Water, Seawater And Chlorine Resistant
  • Flame And Fire Retardant, Extremely High Flash & Melting Temp
  • Machine Washable At Up To 30 Deg But Do Not Spin Nor Tumble
  • Cleanable With Detergents Or Even A Bleach Solution.
  • You Can Use A Brush, Mop, Hose Or Even Jet Wash Carefully
  • Non Shrink And Drip Dry, Gently Stretch Straight Watching The Edges
  • Can Be Used With All Underfloor Heating Systems
  • Spills Of Ketchup & Similar Must Be Rinsed Off ASAP And Not Rubbed

Perfect for...

  • Any Surface Offering Greater Protection Than Woollen Rugs
  • Kids Of All Ages As Totally Safe & Toxin Free And Easy To Clean
  • Outdoors As Weather, Sun, Sea, Water, Mould Proof And Quick Drying
  • Swimming Pools, Spas and Wet Rooms As Fully Chlorine & Chemical Resistant
  • Pets As Durable & Easy To Clean The Worst Mud, Mess & Muck Off!
  • Asthma, Pollen, Dust And General Allergy Sufferers

Use in...

  • High Traffic Areas: Entrances, Hallways, Foyers
  • Living Areas: Kitchens, Dining Rooms, Lounges
  • Wet Areas: Bathrooms, Showers, Toilets, Wet Rooms, Spas, Pools
  • Outdoor Areas: Gardens, Patios, Conservatories
  • Clean Areas: Hospitals, Clinics, Surgeries
  • Public Areas: Bars, Restaurants, Hotels, Offices
Allergen Free:
Bleach Safe:
Welded 5mm
Care Instructions:
Vacuum or brush regularly. You can mop, soap or diluted bleach is OK, hose or jet wash gently. Take care with the edges. Rinse ketchup off immediately, do not rub as it can stain.
Certification :
Pappelina strictly follow all Swedish & EU health and environmental regulations with supportive certification. If you require further detail please contact us.
Country of Origin:
Lina Rickardsson
Allergies, Pets, High Traffic Areas, Wet Areas and Under Floor Heating.
Welded 5mm
Great For:
Allergies, Pets, High Traffic Areas, Wet Areas and Under Floor Heating.
Manufacturer Guarantee:
3 years
Pappelina strictly follow all Swedish & EU health and environmental regulations with supportive certification. If you require further detail please contact us.
Pattern Type:
Stars & Moon
Product Weight:
Product Weight Boxed:
1100 Grams
Recyclable :
Recycled Content:
Recycled plastic is not used as it cannot be governed. Raw material is EU approved from ethical, monitored sources. The carbon footprint is very low. All processes are eco-friendly. Rejects are recycled. The rugs are long life so do not need discarding.
Reversible Design:
Special Instructions:
We know buying a rug is a very personal thing & sometimes things just do not work out. You may return all rugs that are less than 230cm width within 30 days of our despatch date. It must be in its original condition with all labelling attached.
Tips for Use:
Pappelina Rugs & Mats will happily lie anywhere - Carpets, Wood, Tiles, Stone, Grass even Mud and are always soft and warm to the touch.
Washing Instructions:
Can be machine washed at max 30C/85F. Guide is max 70x250cm for a 6kg machine. Do not spin nor tumble dry. If needed re-shape by evenly stretching whilst wet. Try to dry flat, if hung please use a wide bar.
At homeArama we take sustainability seriously. As a small business we are certainly not perfect but we are working our way through all our ranges to ensure they are as planet friendly and as sustainable as possible, like many we have new generations to worry about and take care of.

For all of us sustainable means many things but we feel an important factor is the life of a product. As our Grandparents taught us if we take care of things then they should last! All our products are selected with that in mind; they are built to last. They may cost a little more but once bought then they should last for many years, if not a lifetime! A benefit to your pocket, but also the planet.

If you find anything you disagree with or want to know more about then, please, just ask, this is an ongoing work in progress! Call us on 01993 867075 or email [email protected]. We care!

PVC and some quick facts

Pappelina are committed to a sustainable future and are at the forefront of the development of Plastic PVC rugs, a field in which they are acknowledged as true innovators and market leaders.

Plastic is unavoidable in our daily life but, when used, it should be used with purpose, with responsibility, with environmental awareness and with long term consideration for future generations.

PVC is the main constituent used to make Pappelina Rugs but it is important to understand the real facts and benefits of PVC.

PVC is completely safe for everyone, from babies up. It is one of only a few materials trusted and approved for use for the storage of live human blood cells. PVC has extensive European food contact and medical approvals.

PVC actually preserves fossil fuels as it is made of 57% common salt and only 43% oil therefore taking less non-renewable fossil fuel to make than any other commodity plastic. It also consumes less primary energy in its production than any of the other commodity plastics.

PVC has a relatively small carbon footprint, for example lamb produces 14 times the amount of CO2 than PVC.

PVC is fully recyclable reprocessing well and offers an even smaller carbon footprint once recycled into second (or third) life applications.

PVC is entirely free of phthalates and is completely non-toxic; it is in fact approved for use in the food industry and for toys in the EU and the US. PVC is also used extensively in healthcare and medical devices such as tubes and blood bags.

PVC has an extremely long life-span, is very durable and does not emit any microplastic particles that affect our health and our nature.

PVC is made from natural resources such as salt, oil and ethylene and, thanks to its composition, is 100% recyclable as it can easily be melted down and reused.

Pappelina design and produce everything PVC in Sweden! Their production and distribution are wall-to-wall bringing considerable environmental benefits when it comes to both transport and logistics. In addition, it gives them complete control from concept to finished product.

Pappelina, and their supply chain, fully comply with all GRI standards and are committed to continuous improvement especially with regard to the protection of our environment.

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