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Remember Guard Houses Cedar Wood Anti Moth Clothes Protectors Set of 4

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Remember Guard Houses Cedar Wood Anti Moth Clothes Protectors Set of 4

Believe it or not these decorative houses offer you moth protection! The four pretty little houses are made of pure cedar wood that protects clothes from holes and contamination by moths and moth larvae. They also prevent mould growth and freshen up wardrobes, kitchen, drawers and shoe cupboards thanks to their essential oils. They have a long-lasting effect, are natural and also look really good as purely decorative objects!

For long-lasting protection simply reactivate the fresh-smelling anti-moth effect of the cedar wood by lightly sanding the unvarnished wooden surfaces. Set of 4 in different sizes with coloured lacquer on one side. Made of cedar wood dimensions are: W 6.5 x D 2.5 x H 10 cm | W 4 x D 2.5 x H 7.5 cm | W 5 x D 2.5 x H 7 cm | W 4 x D 2.5 x H 8.5 cm.


  • Made From Painted Cedar Wood
  • Prevent Mould Growth
  • Keep Away Moths
  • Lightly Sand Unpainted Side To Renew Effect
Remember Germany
Care Instructions:
Wipe clean with a soft, clean slightly damp cloth.
W19.5 x L10 x H2.5 cms
Manufacturer Guarantee:
2 Years
Cedar Wood
Product Weight:
230 Grams
Product Weight Boxed:
260 Grams
At homeArama we take sustainability seriously. As a small business we are certainly not perfect but we are working our way through all our ranges to ensure they are as planet friendly and as sustainable as possible, like many we have new generations to worry about and take care of.

For all of us sustainable means many things but we feel an important factor is the life of a product. As our Grandparents taught us if we take care of things then they should last! All our products are selected with that in mind; they are built to last. They may cost a little more but once bought then they should last for many years, if not a lifetime! A benefit to your pocket, but also the planet.

If you find anything you disagree with or want to know more about then, please, just ask, this is an ongoing work in progress! Call us on 01993 867075 or email [email protected]. We care!

Since its foundation in 1996, Remember has focused on creating inspiration through colours and shapes and this has remained the case to this day. Over the years, a constantly evolving range of individual design, lifestyle and gift products has been created. Whether its games, fashion accessories, calendars, home, kitchen or office items all Remember products have one thing in common: each idea is developed and designed exclusively in-house with great passion and attention to detail.

Also at its core is ensuring all their products are as sustainable and long life as possible. Designs always have that message in mind, raw materials are sourced responsibly, factories meet the highest standards and staff welfare and the environment around us are both a priority.

To buy Remember is not only to buy the best, and the brightest!, but also to buy well considered and well made products that, looked after properly, will last you for many years to come.

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