Yamazaki Tower Pet Feeder for Cats & Small Dogs with 2 Porcelain Bowls on a Metal Stand in White

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Yamazaki is a Japanese brand that focuses on designing space-efficient homewares. Please do consider & check dimensions when buying Yamazaki products as they are designed to fit into small spaces. Feel free to ask us to confirm sizes if unsure.
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Yamazaki Tower Pet Feeder for Cats & Small Dogs with 2 Porcelain Bowls on a Metal Stand in White

At last an extremely smart, durable, practical and functional pet feeder!

A solid tough steel frame keeps the 2 bowls off the floor making it easier for your pet to feed as well as helping keep the surrounding area clean.

The 2 bowls are made of high quality glazed porcelain so easy to clean. Fill one with dry food, one with wet food or water, everything your pet needs in one smart easy clean place!

All Yamazaki products are compactly designed to fit in living areas where storage is limited. Always check the dimensions to ensure it fits the intended space, if in doubt please shout out!


  • Each Bowl Holds Roughly 1.25 Cups Of Food Or 300ml Of Liquid
  • The Bowls Are Dishwasher Safe
  • Padded Feet Keep The Stand In Place
  • No Assembly Required.
  • Beautifully Gift Packed In Full Colour Box
Care Instructions:
Gently wipe clean with a slightly damp, soft cloth, do not fully immerse in water, and then dry. Do not use detergents or abrasives.
Country of Origin:
W29 x D15.5 x H10 cms
Gift Box:
Great For:
Cats and Smaller Dogs.
Manufacturer Guarantee:
2 Years
Steel & Ceramic
Product Weight:
1400 Grams
Product Weight Boxed:
1500 Grams
At homeArama we take sustainability seriously. As a small business we are certainly not perfect but we are working our way through all our ranges to ensure they are as planet friendly and as sustainable as possible, like many we have new generations to worry about and take care of.

For all of us sustainable means many things but we feel an important factor is the life of a product. As our Grandparents taught us if we take care of things then they should last! All our products are selected with that in mind; they are built to last. They may cost a little more but once bought then they should last for many years, if not a lifetime! A benefit to your pocket, but also the planet.

If you find anything you disagree with or want to know more about then, please, just ask, this is an ongoing work in progress! Call us on 01993 867075 or email [email protected]. We care!

Yamazaki began over a century ago as a small, family-run ironing board manufacturer and continues to bring inspired ideas to common household items. With a focus on organization, storage and, especially, space-saving, all their products are designed to be as smart and simple as possible. Driven by a sense of curiosity and creativity, they believe that better home goods make for a better home life. Simple, functional, practical, low-key, compact; all watchwords for their products.

With sustainability at the heart of their business Yamazaki ensure they use only the best materials, the best finishes, the best construction ensuring that, looked after, their products will last for years to come.

Less is more, small is beautiful is the mantra that means if its not needed its not added leading to product designs that make efficient use of material, of packaging, of transport needs and, of course, of space in your home.

With passion & purpose Yamazaki believe they can elevate the industry with a new, higher standard of product design. If home is what you make it, make it tidy. Make it beautiful. Make it Yamazaki.

Bought for my cat. Looks smart and is easy clean but quite small so not sure it would work for bigger dogs. Good price for the quality.
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