Hukka Foot Massage Aid Solejoy Cork & Carelian Soapstone

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The Hukka Solejoy is the perfect massage aid for the soles of the feet, combining relaxing massage and warmth. Made from natural Finnish soapstone, which has the unique ability to stay either warm or cold for a long time, the Hukka Solejoy set includes two massage balls and a cork base.

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Hukka Design is a small family firm based in Tuupovaara, Eastern Finland. Hukka specialise in making homewares from soapstone, a natural stone that's over two billion years old. A relatively soft stone material, it can be crafted to various shapes and forms by experienced craftsmen. Even though soft, the stone is very dense and heavy. Owing to its density, soapstone has the mystical ability to store both heat and cold. It also gives off neither odours nor tastes, which means it is approved for use with foods.
Hukka Design
Stone Balls: Ø 4.5 cm Cork Base: 25 x 10.8 x 2 cm
Really works. Cork is soft and giving, stone is hard yet effective and helps soothe and relax your feet especially under the arches. Would recommend to friends
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