Jalo Smoke Alarm Lento 10 (10yr batt life) White UK&EU only

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A home safety range that meets and exceeds the highest techncial specitfications yet remains stylish and beautiful! In a dangerous world protect yourself safely with these highly functional products from Finland.

Please note the Smoke Alarms and Fire Extinguishers can only be shipped within the UK & EU - we cannot ship to the USA or elsewhere, sorry.

Now has a life twice that of the old 5 version!

The Jalo Lento 10 Smoke Alarm in White is a battery powered smoke alarm intended for domestic use and comes with an integral non-replaceable Lithium Metal battery that is guaranteed to last 10 years, which is the maximum recommended lifetime for any smoke detector.

Designed by Paola Suhonen, the quirky Lento smoke alarm features a delicate and playful appearance, and is designed to look like a moth resting beautifully on your ceiling. It has been designed to fit seamlessly within any home interior and to look visually attractive when on display, to show that fire safety can be both beautiful and functional. The Lento Smoke Alarm has been designed for use in all rooms of the home, including the office, shed or garage, as well as in moving vehicles such as boats, caravans or motor homes.

Unlike other smoke alarms the entire front surface of this beautifully designed smoke alarm serves as a test button so it is easy to ensure the alarm is working - no ladder needed! The Lento 10 Smoke Alarm comes with an integral 10 year Lithium Manganese Dioxide battery, which means easy maintenance as it doesn't require any battery changes, and it makes it safer as it means there is no chance of batteries being removed to be used in other devices, something we all maybe guilty of at one time or another! Simply replace the entire unit at the end of 10 years - the smoke alarm will release short beeps to warn of low batteries.

The Lento Smoke Alarm utilises photoelectric detection technology to sense smoke from different types of fires. The optical detection method works by sensing infrared rays scattered by visible smoke particles. The Lento Smoke Alarm is equipped with a self diagnostic and checking feature to ensure correct operation through its service lifetime. The device operates so that when there is smoke present, the device will release a loud and continuous warning siren to alert residents.

To avoid unintentional false alarms, the Lento device will run constant checks by sampling the air several times. However if a false alarm does occur, the Lento Smoke Alarm is equipped with a silence-function, which silences the alarm temporarily for 8 minutes. All of Jalo's Smoke Alarms are tested and certified by BRE UK.

The Lento Smoke Alarm features automatic power activation upon installation and can be easily installed one of two ways. Either by 'Fast Installation' using super strong two-sided VHB adhesive tape (3M tape is included with the Alarm) and will take approximately 30 seconds to install, or by Screw Installation - screws and detailed instructions of how to do both methods are included with the product. Although the Lento Alarm does come with a self-test function, it is still recommended that you test your smoke alarm monthly to make sure it is in working order, and clean it with a vacuum at least once a year.

The Lento 10 Smoke Alarm is available in a range of 5 soft pastel colours and comes packaged in a stylish gift box, making it an ideal gift for a house-warming, for either yourself or friends!

Now has a life twice that of the old 5 version!


  • Integral battery with a guaranteed 10 year life
  • Easy and quick installation
  • Entire surface works as a test button so no need for ladders
  • Silencing option to silence false alarms
  • Self diagnostic
  • Battery status monitor with end of life indicator
  • Stylish design to compliment your interior
  • Can be used in any room in the home as well as in moving vehicles such as caravans, motor homes and boats
  • Maintenance free, no battery changes ever
  • Available in a range of stylish colours
  • Lightweight
  • Automatic power activation

Now has a life twice that of the old 5 version!

Technical data

  • Battery - integral non-replaceable 10 year Lithium Manganese Dioxide Battery (CR17450) for the highest effective fire safety at home
  • Weight - 137 g
  • Sensing element - Photoelectric
  • Operating voltage - 3V
  • Current consumption - 15mA operational
  • Sound volume - 85dB at a distance of 3m
  • Operating temperature - 0°C to 45°C.
  • Holding temperature of fixing tape - -35°C to 93°C.
  • Maintenance - Maintenance free, no battery changes ever
  • Installation - easy, quick and reliable installation, two methods: tape and screw
  • Dimensions - 11 x 11 x 4.1 cm
  • Automatic power activation
  • Silence function - to silence false alarms and temporarily desensitize the smoke alarm
  • Self diagnostic - tests condition of smoke sensing parts and circuitry
  • Battery status monitor - with end of life indicator

Jalo Helsinki is a Finnish company designed to save lives and show you safety can be beautiful! Their aim is to make life safer through design, by creating beautiful and reliable fire safety products that people want to include on display in their home and that will save lives. According to statistics, there will be a life saved for every 10,000 smoke alarms sold, that means that Jalo Smoke Alarms have already saved dozens and dozens of lives. Their award winning and inspirational design is a unique combination of Scandinavian design and Nordic practicality. All of Jalo Helsinki products are easy to install with no need for screws or power drills. Bring design and safety into your home with Jalo!

We recommend always telling your insurance company the make, type and number of smoke alarms in your home.

Assembly Required:
No though simple fixing to ceiling by supplied screws or adhesive pad required.
Paola Suhonen
ABS Plastic
17.5 x 18.5 x 4.8 cms
Weight :
0.16 kg
Care Instructions:
Remember to clean at least once a year by gently vacuuming around the sensor fins to ensure they are clean and unblocked. Use the thin nozzle fitting for your vacuum .
Washing Instructions:
Do not immerse in water.
Manufacturer Guarantee:
5 years
Certification :
Sensing Element - Photoelectric | Operating environment - Domestic | Sound volume 85dB at a distance of 3m | Operating temperature | 0°C – 45 °C | Maximum humidity - 90% | Holding temperature of 3M fixing tape - 35 °C to 93 °CBattery1x CR17450 Lithium
Great For:
The elderly as the whole surface is a test button making it safer.
Tips for Use:
If you have a mains system why not use the battery operated Kupu or Lento as back up in those rooms and spaces the mains system doesn't reach. They are also great for garages, sheds, out-buildings, caravans, boats and more.
Power Supply:
1 x CR17450 Lithium Manganese Dioxide 10 year battery (non-replaceable)

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