Charlotte Spencer Floral Lemongrass & Ginger 3.5oz Natural Wax Candle 35 Hours Burn Time

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Experience the luxurious scents of England with Canova & Charlotte Spencer candles! Indulge in the finest natural ingredients, expertly crafted & designed in England. Treat yourself to the best and enhance your space with these exquisite candle brands.
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Charlotte Spencer Candle Lemongrass & Ginger Scent Natural Wax 35 Hrs Burn Time

Zesty lemongrass teams with fiery ginger to give you this uplifting blend reminiscent of Eastern spas.

In her Cotswold workshop Charlotte Spencer creates and hand-pours her own beautiful natural wax candles using only the finest ingredients and most evocative aromas. Choose from a wide range of fruity fragrances, floral scents, musky tones and therapeutic throws.

We want you to get the very best out of your candle. The wick is already trimmed to a suitable length but do follow these simple instructions to maximise the life and enjoyment of your candle.

On the first burn please leave your candle burning for long enough until it reaches a full melt pool meaning the wax has melted right to the edge of the jar. If you do not do this then your candle may tunnel on the next burn so that you might not get the full life from it.

After the first burn we recommend you always light your candle for a minimum of one hour but never for more than four hours.

Please always use common sense when using your candle and keep it well away from children and animals on a fireproof surface. Always extinguish with care and wait until your jar and wax has fully cooled before attempting to move it and remember - NEVER leave a burning candle unattended!


Special Features...

  • Hand Poured In The Cotswolds UK
  • 100% Natural Vegan Candle
  • Made With Botanical Waxes Only For A Clean Burn
  • Long Burn Times
  • Luxurious Fragrances And Oils Only Used
  • Recyclable Glass Pharmacy Jars
  • Recyclable Packaging
100% Natural:
Allergen Free:
Burn Time:
35 hours
Care Instructions:
After the first burn always light the candle for at least 1 hour and never more than 4 hours.
Country of Origin:
United Kingdom
Charlotte Spencer
Dia60 x H68 cms
Lemongrass & Ginger
Gift Box:
Hand Crafted:
Product Weight:
245 Grams
Product Weight Boxed:
245 Grams
Recyclable :
Special Instructions:
After the first burn we then recommend lighting the candle for a minimum of 1 hour and never more than 4 hours to achieve the best life and as well as even burning.
Tips for Use:
On the first burn ensure the candle is lit until it reaches a full melt pool so the wax melts right to the edge of the jar. If you fail to do this your candle may tunnel on any future burn and not give you full life.
At homeArama we take sustainability seriously. As a small business we are certainly not perfect but we are working our way through all our ranges to ensure they are as planet friendly and as sustainable as possible, like many we have new generations to worry about and take care of.

For all of us sustainable means many things but we feel an important factor is the life of a product. As our Grandparents taught us if we take care of things then they should last! All our products are selected with that in mind; they are built to last. They may cost a little more but once bought then they should last for many years, if not a lifetime! A benefit to your pocket, but also the planet.

If you find anything you disagree with or want to know more about then, please, just ask, this is an ongoing work in progress! Call us on 01993 867075 or email [email protected]. We care!

Charlotte Spencer candles are all created, mixed and poured by Charlotte herself in her Cotswold home. Drawing on her knowledge of science, herbalism and aromatherapy, she creates the highest quality natural wax candles made from the finest ingredients, beautifully scented both when cold and when lit. Her products have a look of tinctures, tisanes and balms; things to make you feel better. And when doesn’t a candle help you feel relaxed?

All her candles are hand poured in the Cotswolds using only botanical waxes for a clean burn, blended with luxurious fragrances and oils to give you a 100% vegan candle. All her ingredients are 100% natural, many drawn from nature herself, and totally free of any toxins at all and are not tested on animals.

The pharmacy jars she uses to hold the candles are fully recyclable or can be repurposed into storage jars and the like. The boxes too are fully re-cyclable and all can go in the green bin once you’ve had your use of them.

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